Decoration For Living Room Ideas

Decoration For Living Room Ideas

No sideboard or buffet in the dining room? Use a serving cart. Another clever trick: If you have a file cabinet on wheels, cover it with a piece of fabric and let it double as a serving cart temporarily. Nobody will even guess.

Lots of small pieces of furniture and accessories will make a small space seem crowded.

Low ceilings require low pieces of furniture. A tall piece will only emphasize the low ceiling and make the room feel claustrophobic.

Living room end tables that don’t match are more interesting than a matched set.

A bedroom suite is less exciting than mismatched furniture. In fact, anything matching is b-o-r-i-n-g!

A big patterned print on a sofa can be trouble, especially if there are other prints (on walls, floors, other furniture) in the room. This will create chaos, not calm.

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