Decorating with Fabrics

Decorating with Fabrics

Further transformations can be achieved quickly and easily with fabrics – another area where a touch of theatre is effective. Fabrics are useful to soften, blur and blend; to give a feeling of warmth and welcome; and to link colour and pattern in a room.

To perform this magic, fabrics do not have to be new or expensive, although it has to be said that a poor quality fabric – particularly that with a high synthetic content – has an irritating way of advertising itself. For the country look, it is best always to go for an easy generosity of a natural material that

Colourwashing Colourwashing is a simple technique (78) that can provide the perfect foil to more detailed decoration – this wash of burnt umber over white is disciplined by a whimsical potato print border of blue oil paint.

The pleasure of painting Painting is the most ancient and satisfying art; once you discover its joys, your house and its contents will become a clamour of bare canvases, demanding colour. Here are some of the techniques shown in this post will drape and age well: cottons and linens, wool and even hessian are the perfect country materials. They come in a variety of weights and textures: from the soft billows of muslin to crisp chintz formality, from the unwieldy stiffness of heavy upholstery linen to the flowing transparency of fine handkerchief linen.

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