Decorating Modern Living Room

Decorating Modern Living Room

Mitre the corner joins on the base and tack the sides of the fabric round the corners to the nearby sides of the chest. Repeat the same process with the opposite side. Then fix the tops of the remaining two sides of fabric; fold in the sides of these pieces at the corners, pin temporarily in place, then slip-stitch for neat finish.

Cover the wadding on the lid with fabric material, folding over the edges of the fabric to the inside of the lid. Turn the lid over and begin fixing the fabric with upholstery tacks, starting at the centre of each side. Then add more tacks, checking that the fabric stays taut.

Finally, add wooden feet or castors, so that the fabric tacked to the base of the chest is protected from wear. Replace the lid on to its hinges.

At the corners, cut away the surplus fabric and fold the corners together to meet at 45°, tacking the folds in place.

To give a neat finish inside the lid, cut a piece of linen and fold in its edges 12 mm (V2 in) all round. Tack the linen neatly round the inside of the lid, covering the raw edges of the main fabric.

Now fix the side pieces of fabric. To hide the tacks at the top of each side, back-tack: cut four strips of strong card to fit the width of each side, position one side covering with its wrong side uppermost and tack it with three or four tacks to keep it in place, then tack the card along the top of the side.

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