Decorating Living Rooms Ideas

Decorating Living Rooms Ideas


You need only the most basic equipment to make a colourful hooked rug. The backing should be an even, fairly open weave mixture of cotton and linen – this will work better than the traditional hessian.

Use thin strips of cloth for the yarn, cut from fabric oddments. You will also need a hand hook to pull strips through the backing.


Draw out your design on graph paper first. You may find following the design easier if you mark it on the backing fabric with a felt-tipped pen. Traditionally, these rugs have naive, often animal designs, and use bold slabs of colour.

Prepare the strips of fabric -remove any buttons, open up any seams, and wash the fabric. Cut the fabric into strips, 3-12 mm (1/2 in) wide. The thinner the width of the strips, the finer the rug will be. Cut woven fabrics along the grain and knitted fabrics along their length.

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With the backing fabric face up, hold a strip of fabric beneath. Insert the hook through the backing and pull the strip of fabric through from the underside to form a loop.

Continue by moving the hook forward a few backing threads and pulling through another loop. Start and finish a length of yarn by pulling the ends through to the top of the rug.

To make a neat edge, fold the edges of the backing fabric over to the right side to make a hem of about 25 mm (1 in), aligning the weave.

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