Decorating Living Room Ideas For An Apartment

Decorating Living Room Ideas For An Apartment

Display Techniques Hanging a Ouilts – especially old quilts – are delicate articles. Because they are made up of thousands of interlocking threads, they are especially vulnerable to gravitational force: hung from one side alone, a quilt will be irreparably pulled out of shape. Instead, its weight needs to be evenly spread around all its four sides.

The answer is to make a frame to which you fix strips of Velcro; you can then hang the quilt just as if it is a picture to make an effective wall display. You can use the same technique for hanging a tapestry’ or embroidery, or you could hang these -still using the Velcro technique – in the panel of a screen (172).


Hanging a quilt on a frame will prevent it being pulled out of shape from the top, but it is still a good idea to take it down at least once a year to let the fabric rest. Fold the quilt and store it horizontally – hang another quilt or picture in its place.

It is possible to staple strips of Velcro directly on to some walls, but these will look unsightly when you want to remove the quilt – a frame is much more versatile and can be simply exchanged if you decide to replace one quilt with another.

If the quilt is particularly old or fragile, seek expert advice first from a conservator about giving it extra support for hanging.

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