Decorating Living Room Furniture

Decorating Living Room Furniture

Papering over Paint

One other point may be mentioned here. Where a surface has been previously painted, it does not present an ideal foundation upon which to hang paper, particularly if that paper is to be varnished, as is necessary in a bathroom. The risk is that the paper may split open at the joints if it is hung directly over oil paint. This risk can be largely, if not entirely removed, if the wall be first covered with a plain lining paper, hung horizontally, and then the pattern paper hung over that. The present writer, however, believes that, where a wall has been previously painted, it is better and safer to redecorate in paint rather than with paper, and thus avoid risks entirely.

Sizing the Paper

After the papers have been hung and have dried out, they will require sizing as a preparation for varnishing.

Size is made by thoroughly dissolving § lb. of concentrated size powder in, say, a gallon of boiling water, allowing this to cool overnight, when it will be found to have jellied, beating this up with a stick until it is partly liquefied again, and brushing it in a smooth coating over the whole surface of the paper.

It is imperative that every part of the paper shall be completely coated with size and, although it is possible that, with great care, this may be achieved with one coat, it is not likely. If even the most minute spot is missed, the varnish will penetrate to the paper, and the result will be a most unsightly stain. Consequently, it is best to apply one coat of size, allow time {preferably over a night) for this to become completely dry, then apply a second coat.

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