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The kitchen is a homely affair with pretty handmade units painted cream, with Gothic- shaped glass doors on the upper sections. Rather than camouflaging the curve of a wall, the scheme accentuates it using a simulated stone wallpaper. Hops, dried flowers and hanging baskets enhance the natural look. In direct contrast to the inward-looking reception rooms, the large, south-facing bedroom is possessed of a light and airy feel. Here, a floral-print wallpaper with matching fabric from Laura Ashley have been used to notably decorative effect. The design continues through into the adjoining bathroom. Diana Griffin-Strauss feels that she has achieved what she set out to do from the start. The flat has the warmth and depth of visual interest that she was so eager to gain from the moment she took over her new home Gaines table compendium Nonie Niesewand looks at some jolly good sports THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, which began in Britain with arts and crafts, seems poised to end with them. It isnt so much to do with the earnest replacement of mass-production furniture by cabinetry, but with a revival of orders for specialist pieces that require handworked finishes, like games tables, with different designs on playing the game.

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