Decorating Ideas Small Living Rooms

Decorating Ideas Small Living Rooms

Varnishing Paper

When assured that this second coat is perfectly dry, the varnish may be applied. The paler the varnish the better, and the most suitable kind is an extra pale copal paper varnish.


UNTIL recent years, the ceiling was not regarded as a particularly suitable surface for decoration, except in the very simplest and plainest ways.

Distemper, generally in plain white or cream, was the commonest form of treatment in dwelling-houses, although in larger and more important buildings paint was sometimes used, but even in such cases the colour was often quite plain and unbroken.

Change of Public Taste

Of recent years the ceiling has been increasingly recognized for what it is, a most important part of every room, and a considerable variety of treatment is now apparent.

As, however, a plain distemper coating of white or cream is still sometimes required for the ceilings of sculleries, kitchens and bedrooms, readers are referred to Chapter Two.

A very frequent method of decorating ceilings is to cover them with a paper, and the technical process of paperhanging will be found described in Chapter One.

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