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Decorating Ideas Pictures

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For a professional job it is worth investing in a steel mitre block (for perfect 45° mitred joints), a mitre rule and precision cutter.

Remember that the inner dimensions of the frame surrounding the artwork mount differ considerably from the outer edges. Also allow an extra 1-2 mm leeway on the dimensions of the artwork mount when you mark up the moulding.

After marking up, cut out the frame lengths on the mitre block. If you have a long, awkward length of moulding, first cut it down into smaller sections, otherwise it can twist.

Glue and clamp the lengths together. A set of mitre clamps will work better than other types of frame clamps, which restrict access to the corners. To avoid dents or scratches, take care to spread the pressure of the clamps, cushioning with off-cuts of wood, card or cloth.

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