Decorating Ideas Living Room

Decorating Ideas Living Room

Insertion lace

1 ribbon of lace adds a decorative border to a centre panel in a cushion.

Crewel deception

This half-tester bed is covered, backed and hung with Indian needlework reminiscent of Jacobean crewel work. The backing fabric is thick, creamy wool, which hangs beautifully, and the woollen embroidery colours have a rich intensity.

Loose Covers, Cushions & Bolsters

The comfortably sagging and nestlike armchair, dressed in a loose cover faded floral piped cotton, somewhat worn at the arms and wrinkled about the seat -is a quintessential piece of country furniture. So, too, are ancient sofas clad in heavy linen and beaten by years of hard use into dignified submission, shedding the merest curlicue of horsehair from their mysterious frames. Loose covers are best made from any of the traditional, strong cottons or linens. They are time-consuming to make, but should last for years, so it is worth investing in durable fabric and making absolutely sure that you can clean or wash it without shrinkage.

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