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Decorating Ideas For

The Stippler

The stippler is a special brush consisting of a square or oblong flat stock containing many bristles set at right-angles and with a handle on the back. The stippling must be done as quickly as possible before the shading colour has time to set.

In addition to the two suggestions given above, there is a third, which consists in applying the shading colour in isolated patches at more or less regular intervals over the whole of the ceiling, and softening these patches into the general ground colour. In this way all kinds of pleasing cloud effects may be produced.

Broken Colour Effects

A more regular, but still very interesting effect, which avoids absolute plainness, is that known as broken colour.

In this case the whole surface is painted one uniform colour (again a broken white is quite suitable). When this is thoroughly hard and dry, it is coated all over with a contrasting colour, such as pale gold, pale green, etc., mixed rather thin. As this is applied by one worker, a colleague stipples it with a coarse rubber stippler, which is a brush in which the strands are of rubber strips instead of bristle.

The stippling colour must be mixed fairly thin, and no particular care need be taken in laying it on evenly, as the stippler will spread it, while at the same time producing a granulated or broken colour effect which allows the ground colour to show through.

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