Decorating Ideas For The Home

Decorating Ideas For The Home

Hanging Reliefs

The various processes of hanging “reliefs” both on ceilings and other surfaces are fairly simple. Here it may suffice to say that the preparation of the surfaces to be covered is similar to that given in Chapter One, while the paste to be used for

hanging will require to be stronger. The addition of lb. of glue or size powder to each gallon of ordinary flour paste makes a suitable adhesive.

Shaded Work

In addition to the methods already described of distempering, paperhanging and covering with relief materials, there are various treatments by means of paint or washable distemper, either plain or ornamented. Here, again, while plain white or cream work was at one time the almost invariable rule in domestic buildings, there is a decided change in modern taste, and not only are stronger colours being used, but shading and various forms of ornamentation are being successfully carried out.

Such treatments must always, of course, be in harmony with the decoration of the rest of the room. That does not mean that a ceiling must necessarily be in the same colour or even in a different shade of the same colour as the walls, but that it must be complementary to that colour.

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