Decorating Ideas For Sitting Room

Decorating Ideas For Sitting Room

Attach the top of the artwork to the backing card with strips of plain brown paper tape. This forms a hinge from which the artwork hangs free to allow for expansion and contraction.

Finally, to protect the artwork and mounts, insert a good quality hardboard backing that allows a little room for expansion. This is held in position with non-corrosive pirn and sealed with paper tape. Then fix screw eyes into the back of the frame to take wire or nylon cord.

Anyone can decorate on an unlimited budget. But few among us have this luxury. Decorators, artists, and designers have always come up with innovative ideas for interior decoration. The difference between them and the rest of the world is that they have the confidence to improvise. The most creative and interesting rooms are those in which the owners have a flair for using everyday objects in unexpected ways. “Style has little to do with money,” said the late White House decorator Mark Hampton. “The most interesting rooms are those furnished with an eclectic mix of objects. It’s a matter of looking at things in a fresh way and putting them together imaginatively.”

When it comes to decorating, matching sets are outdated. Clever, comfortable, and carefree are the operative words, and the price is right. Never before have there been so many well-designed, inexpensive products for turning a home into a personal haven.

This post is about solving decorating problems using clever alternatives to buying expensive furnishings. It will turn you on to the concept of decorating with objects found at yard sales, flea markets, thrift shops, antique shops, discount stores, and ready-to-finish furniture stores, as well as to the many innovative ways in which you can use what you already have. You will also find out how easy it is to decoratively paint your walls, faux finish a piece of furniture, and add interest using fabric or wallpaper. Turning plain into interesting is just a matter of looking at things differently Once you get started you’ll find that bargain hunting and do-it-yourself makeovers can become downright addictive and lots of fun.

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