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One can often achieve a greater feeling of space by simply using dark colours. The choice of colours in fabrics and furnishings for the room undoubtedly adds to the visual impact. A striking carpet with black background and red and pink flowers combines with curtains in Colefax and Fowlers Bailey Rose, which have silk taffeta under-curtains in a starkly contrasting green-and-red tartan from Rubelli. A pair of red chairs and a sofa upholstered in a leopard silk velvet, again from Rubelli, add enormously to the sheer drama of the room.

The decoration of the dining-room was dictated by the purchase of a Victorian slate chimneypiece, exuberantly painted with ivy and daisies. A small-print wallpaper from Colefax and Fowler was chosen as a decorous foil, and Janet and Paul Czainski painted the cornice and skirting-boards in light and dark shades of green respectively, accentuating the cornice by gilding the lower edge.

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