Decorating A Small Living Room

Decorating A Small Living Room

In spite of their significance and tremendous potential, windows and doors are often treated as the poor relations in a decorative scheme. Walls and floors are usually planned first, followed by the furnishings, while the windows and doors are thoughtlessly painted white or cream, or perhaps stained brown and varnished, and expected to merge into the background. This is not to say that in many circumstances white, cream or brown are not exactly the right colours. The point is that whatever colour and treatment you decide upon for your doors and windows, the choice should be a positive one, not a case of‘Oh well, white will do!’

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Colour, even strong, vibrant colour, can look wonderful on the wood- or metalwork of doors and windows. It draws attention to them so that they make a greater contribution to the whole look of a room, perhaps reducing the need for elaboration elsewhere.

The original doors in your home are more likely than the windows to have been altered over the decades or centuries in response to changing fashions in interior decoration. Panelled doors were often simply covered on each side with a sheet of hardboard which can be removed and the door restored. If your doors are not consistent with the period of the house, or just do not look right for some other reason, you can simply change them.

Inappropriate flush doors may be replaced by panelled doors of the right size and period. These can be found in reclamation yards, bought new off-the-peg from DIY stores, or made for you by a joiner. Alternatively, .you can make flush doors look like panelled doors, at a fraction of the cost of replacing them, by adding mouldings corresponding to the size and position of real panels.

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