Decorating A Sitting Room

Decorating A Sitting Room

Don’t overdesign. There has to be some neutral background.

Don’t think that contemporary is cold and stark-looking. It’s the latest trend in decorating. The trick is to get it right, which means selecting those few pieces that click: the right size, scale, and lines. If you love clean and lean, it can even work in a tiny cottage. Think spare rather than bare.

Don’t buy something you don’t like just because it’s cheap. This only adds to the clutter and depletes your resources for the things you do like. Plus, those cheap-but-unliked objects have a way of sticking around, never getting upgraded with a nicer model.

It’s an old cliche“buy only the things you love and the very best you can afford”and it still sounds like pretty good advice. However, my daughter just bought a table she fell in love with. It’s too big for the space where she thought it would go and it doesn’t work well anywhere else. I think a smarter saying would be: “Always carry a tape measure, swatches, color chips, a floor plan for every room of the houseand don’t buy anything that can’t be returned easily.”

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The other day I was having a conversation with someone about decorating style. “Is ‘country’ over?” she asked. “I don’t think it will ever be gone,” I replied. Later I thought about this and realized that we all like country-style decorating because it represents the familiar. It adds warmth and coziness, and for those reasons it will always be with us. It is also affordable. Early folk pieces are exceptionally wonderful, easily accessible, and usually affordable. One can have a few unusual pieces such as a weathervane, a faux painted trunk, a grain scoop or crock to hold plants, or a framed embroidery sampler on the wall without breaking the bank.

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