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In Warehouse Store

77 Carnegie Row, Norwood; (617) 762-8171

A block from the Domain warehouse (above) is this cavernous space filled with Ins unique blend of antiques, antique reproductions, and contemporary furniture. Though many of the items here are the same as those found in their main Natick store, there is more reduced-price stock at this branch.

Even the reproductions at In are often made in Europe out of original wood, thus bridging the price gap between true antiques unaffordable to Mr. C and modem stuff. Sure, you may think, $495 is a lot to pay for an upholstered rocking chair; but when you consider that a real antique would probably cost over $2,000, it looks better and better.

And, considering that it was list priced (or market valued, as they say here) at $899, its a real deal.

There are many similar values in tables, hutches, bookcases, and bed frames. Contemporary couches, in styles that complement these, are available at discounted prices; even so, many can be ordered with a choice of fabrics. In also has occasional clearance sales with even greater bargains. Unlike Domain, this store is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sundays from noon to five.

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