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Paulina Raguz Macksoud and Nathalie Raguz Fusillo are the creative team and owners of Palacina Interiors. They conceptualised the design of the new showroom and it took a month to set up.

Paulina welcomed us with a “come look, come look” smile.” With this incredible space on three floors and the many rooms, we had the opportunity to feature many looks and designs in a variety of settings and scenes,” she explains.

The looks are many and varied.

We spot vintage, European, Indian, African and bang up-to-the-minute modern furniture, fittings and accessories. From the bold and elegant dining room suite with its opulent purple velvet seats, exceptionally crafted light fixtures, and quaintly studded chest of drawers, every piece of furniture hints at how easy it can be to have the signature Palacina touch in your home. All different, all designer.

The “rooms” have been decorated in such a way that visitors looking for ideas are immediately inspired.

At Palacina, they don’t just arrange furniture around a rug; they look at an entire space, from the walls and what goes on them, to the pieces that go best with a particular sofa. Every

Elegant reception area welcoming one to the showroom.

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