Decorate a small living room

Zeffirelli was born and brought up in Florence where he had a classical education. In Florence,you dont have to go to school to learn about art and civilisation,he says,it is all around you. I try to bring my cultural upbringing to my films. Franco Zeffirellis taste for the classics also extends to the watch that he chooses to wear. A Rolex Ojyster Chronometer in I choose this watch because it is the watch. It is above fashion. It is the standard. In my own work I never ty to be fashionable. Never. And the same could be said for the watch I have chosen to wear. Rolex of Geneva. ROLEX of Geneva 1 and 2 A fabric from Claremont predominates in the libraryoffice, with the sofa and a pair of nineteenth-century iron chairs upholstered in a tartan by Isle Mills. 3 and 4 A Bennison fabric for bed upholstery and curtains contrasts with the backdrop of a Stefanidis stripe on the walls. Curtains throughout the house are by Gordon Milne of Andaluz. powerful fabric, you should use lots of it. Otherwise, ironically, it can become overwhelming.

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