Decorate Office Cube

Decorate Office Cube

A Decorator Has the Last Word

The late decorator Billy Baldwin is best known for his monochromatic rooms. However, he was also a master at using red and dark green skillfully. He designed many red rooms for such famous clients as Diana Vreeland. And remember, paint is the cheapest way to transform a room, so why not a rich red?

Red furniture?

You might think it sounds horrible until you think of Chinese red-lacquered furniture. I have a red-painted occasional table and it seems to fit in wherever I put it. Sometimes it holds a red tole lamp and at other times a large white vase of red or white roses with deep green leaves.

Shades of Red

Of course there are many different shades of red. Some lean toward the pink red of brick or terra-cotta, others have blue or purple in the color. Then there are the clarets. Each shade creates different atmospheres. Dark cranberry red is often found in early New England houses. Used with deep green or federal blue you have a perfect Early American mix.

Paint specialists often recommend adding a clear glaze to red wall paint. This gives it a bright, rich finish. Sometimes deep red, right out of the can, appears muddy and dull after it dries. In this case, apply a coat of semigloss, clear polyurethane (nonyellowing) for the glazed effect.

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