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When Emily Eden, sister of the governor-general of the East India Company, Lord Auckland, visited the Sikh court at Lahore in 1838, she was dazzled by its riches: It reduces European magnificence to a very low pitch. The treasures she saw1 were accumulated by Maharajah Ranjit Singh, the Lion of the Punjab who, during his reign from 1792 to 1839, succeeded in expanding his territories into Kashmir and Afghanistan and welding them together to form a powerful nation. The latest exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum celebrates the arts of these Sikh kingdoms and, in doing so, provides a means of exploring a vital part of Indias history. The Sikh religion was founded around 1500 by Guru Nanak (1469-1539), Decor ideas for living room a wandering teacher from the Punjab who practised a monotheistic creed intended to unite both Hindus and Muslims.

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Antipathetic to the fanaticism and intolerance prevalent under the rule of the Mughals, he rejected image worship, priesthood and the widespread discrimination against women and lower castes. As a teacher or guru, his role was that of guide to his disciples or shishyas ” from which the word Sikh is derived – instructing them to lead a virtuous life through obeying Gods ordinances. A compilation of the sacred scripture, the Adi Granth, was completed by the fifth guru, Arjun, in 1604.

At the Punjab township founded by his father, he was also responsible for excavating a pool, in the middle of which a temple was constructed. The town.

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