Custom Luxury Home Designs

Custom Luxury Home Designs

Unexpected treasure troves

The humblest of objects can assume new qualities in a sympathetic setting. Old painted sweet tins and tea or biscuit caddies come in a glorious range of rich colour and intricate pattern, which – when jumbled together – can look like nothing more splendid than a

Old frame The charm of this modern version of an American theorem painting – stencilled flowers on velvet, in subtle colours and naive shapes – is perfectly partnered by an unusual antique frame with a battered metallicfinish.

A triumph of wallpower (right and opposite) Two corners of the same room: the warm terracotta walls, dry-brushed with diluted magnolia emulsion, make a textured background for an excess of art. The wall colour echoes details in many of the paintings, while the tapestries reflect the living plants; there is also a friendly harmony in the elderly gilding of the picture frames. Not an effect to be achieved instantly, but one that expresses a fascination for colour on the part of the owner.

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