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Kiki Kids Festival

Wondering where to take your kids for a nice, outdoor event? Don’t miss out on the Kiki Kids organised by Kiki Kids, Nation and Churchill. This will take place on the 9th of February at Carnivore grounds.

Ryan Majiwa says he realised that he loves being on both sides of the bar – drinking the cocktails, and making them. We talk to him about how to look the part. Words by Abigail Arunga. Pictures by Onyango Ayany

Ryan Majiwa, ‘all round good guy1 and cocktail enthusiast; the expert pours a pina colada Swahili themed cocktails?” He asks incredulously when I tell him the theme of the story I am doing for the April May issue. “I mean, all you really have to do is manipulate tastes to suit what you want. Anything can be manipulated to taste how you want it to. You can even bring the beach to you. And with a few simple ingredients, Ryan shows us how this is possible.

Ryan is a husband, father, marketer, basketball coach and self-proclaimed ‘good guy’ as well as an alcohol enthusiast. In his former life he was the brand manager for EABL, and that is how he managed to go to a World Bartender of the Year competition in 2013. He was struck by the intensity of the whole thing. They care so much, they do meticulous research into what they are doing. We were trying to raise cocktail standards in Kenya at the time, which is why I and some bar owners from Kenya were in attendance.

Apart from mixing, the other aspect is that Kenyans need to learn how to drink. Don’t drink a lot. Drink better, he warns. He adds, “you don’t have to drink a lot to have quality time. Using the right ingredients is part of drinking better; the best bars are using the good stuff – and so a Johnny Walker Blue hot toddy isn’t a waste of a drink because of the skill and research that goes into making it”.

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