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Create A Living Room

Brushes for Varnish Work

Brushes used in varnish should always be of good quality and made with hog-hair bristles. A flat 1-inch brush for the

mouldings and window sashes, and a 2-inch or 2J-inch flat brush for the broad parts would be suitable.

If the brushes are new, they should be well twirled between the hands to whisk out any loose bristles or dust.

A brush is never at its best when new, but improves with use. Therefore, one that has been in use before is the most suitable, but if a new one has to be used, the less important parts of the work should be done first so as slightly to break in the brush before the more prominent surfaces, such as doors, are tackled.

Taking up the Varnish on the Brush

In taking up varnish on the brush, just as much as the tips of the bristles will carry should be conveyed direct from the vessel to the work and, unlike the practice in charging paint brushes, the varnish brush should not be patted against the side of the vessel.

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