Country Home Designs Floor Ideas

Country Home Designs Floor Ideas

Custom-built frame

New frames, based on antique precedent, are easy to paint, given practice and a spot of brio. The dark and dignified frame around this Pennsylvanian Scherenschnitt cut-paper picture by Blanche Turner, celebrating a wedding, has been simply but effectively painted using two colours garage mechanic’s tool repertoire. A moment’s deliberation may reveal that the whole lot will fall into an ordered spectrum of colours, with a preponderance of chestnut brown. A lighter shade of that warm brown dry-brushed (78) on the wall will make a perfect background for the tins, and will warm up the rest of the room.

Keys are another fclassic example. Most people have a motley collection of unidentifiable keys, some of which – particularly the blackened and crenellated iron ones – have a certain charm. You may find that yours look handsome hanging from regular rows of nails hammered into a white-painted wall.

Or shells. Few people can resist leaving bracing seaside holidays with a sack full of assorted molluscry. In wind-powered seafaring days shells were used as ballast, and grand landowners would have a dankly mournful grotto or quaint rustic hermit’s cell constructed, in which to display their international booty. There are humbler ways to display your collection: a fan of shells can look very pretty laid out on a window-sill or you might cram them in a glass jar and place it where the sun can reveal their translucency.

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