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Sturdy shoes that support your ankles, a hat that won’t blow off easily, warm or waterproof clothing, a good supply of water, a map, cellphone, camera, sunscreen and a small first-aid kit.

stands of old established milkwood trees and whats known as the Milkwood Tunnel. Theres an abundance of birdlife, animals and majestic views including the wreck of the Phyllisia, a steam trawler that ran aground in 1968. A number of fishermens paths and game trails mark the coastal section, some of which can be confusing, so keep to the well-worn ones.


Starting at the Gifkommetjie parking area, this 4km route takes two-hours. Its a pleasant walk that heads towards the coast

through areas of fynbos, coastal flora, marshlands, pans, beach and dunes. An added attraction are the large kelp beds. The only mildly challenging section is the Gifkommetjie steps. As the walk doesnt loop back to the beginning, you need to organise transport at the end.


Take the whole 6,5km route or do shorter loops like the 3km Thomas T Tucker or the 5km shipwreck circuit. One of the most fascinating routes in the park, its brimming with rare plants, fascinating rocks, historical ruins, rusting wrecks and unbelievable views. On the ridge of Olifantsbos are the ruins of the Fortress Observation Post built for coastal protection in 1941. The area was burnt in the March 2015 fire, started by lightning, but is showing good post-fire recovery.

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