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Built in the town and country style, this residence was home to famous local artist 0. E. L. Graves, whose work graced the covers of Palm Springs Villager magazine. It’s located in one of the earliest developments in Palm Springs, Tahquitz River Estates, which was built by Paul Trousdale from 1949 to 1952. This home was constructed later.

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Modern-condo-interior-design-ideas5.jpgBack in Chapter 2 we talked about the 90/10 rule, which states that if 90 percent of all of your calories come from the above nutritious sources then you will have some wiggle room to cheat a little bit while still remaining in good nutrition standing with your overall food regimen. If you have a craving that must be satisfied (it happens to all of us!), feel free to allocate 10 percent of your calories to cheat foods. For example, if you are consuming 2,000 calories per day, 10 percent of those calories can be used for whatever you like. Two hundred calories (10 percent of your 2,000) is equivalent to one scoop of ice cream, four small cookies, or one small slice of pizza. Although I do not recommend cheating every single day, if you keep your portion down to 200 calories, you are likely to remain nutritionally healthy. During my own pregnancy, I tended to save up my cheat calories for special occasions. If I knew I would be going to dinner at a restaurant that had my favorite dessert, I would go for three or four days without consuming any cheat calories so I could indulge in my favorite 600-calorie chocolate lava cake! How you divide up your cheat calories is up to you! If you’re unsure of how to incorporate these foods into a meal plan, the following chapter is for you.

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