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Detailing for walls

Rough wooden tongue-and-groove cladding creates an old-fashioned feel in this bathroom. The slightly thicker than usual picture rail attractively finishes off the top of the wooden planks and provides a practical purpose by hanging the bathroom mirror -the alternative would be to drive in nails and damage the wood.

Fixing dado and picture rails

1 Mark position of screws on first, cut length; drill holes and countersinks; secure rail to wall along guideline.

2 Tor a butt join at an internal corner, scribe rail’s profile on back of second length, cut with coping saw and fit.

Dado rails, picture rails and skirting boards

When fitting a dado or picture rail, begin deciding on the height at which it is to fixed. Dado rails are usually placed abc. one-third of the way up the wall, or 1 (39in) from the floor. Or you can use tl height of the chairs in the room a guide. Picture rails should be fitted at a co fortable distance from both the dado rail ar the ceiling, but nearer the latter, and the position should enable you to hang pictur where they can be seen from a seated pc s tion. This is unlikely to be less than 1 (6ft) from the floor.

Once you are satisfied with the propo-; height of the moulding, draw a horizon guideline with a pencil around the 50c using a spirit level, or ping a chalk line ago each wall of the room in turn.

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