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Antiques have never been confined to the home, and Antiques for Business is a fair specifically intended for the professional market. Coastal home design The event is being held at the Business Design Centre, London Nl, from February 7 to 10 and aims at corporate purchasers. Silver and jewellery enthusiasts will welcome The International Silver and Jewellery Fair and Seminar to be held at the Park Lane Hotel, Piccadilly, from February 10 to 13. This event provides a prestigious stage for leading international dealers specializing in silver, jewellery, enamels, portrait miniatures and objects of vertu.

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Coastal home design_0.jpgCoastal home design_6.jpgCoastal home design_2.jpgCoastal home design_7.jpgCoastal home design_5.jpgCoastal home design_9.jpgCoastal home design_15.jpgCoastal home design_13.jpgYes, there are some fish to avoid if pregnant due to high mercury content such as tilefish, shark, swordfish, and mackerel. On the other hand, there are many types of fish that are extremely beneficial to the mother and growing baby. Wild salmon, for example, is relatively low in mercury but high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. As discussed previously, omega-3 fatty acids are crucial for fetal brain and retina development. I personally ate two to three servings of low-mercury fish per week while I was pregnant. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, the following listed sea foods are the lowest in mercury. Once again, the marketing for milk has been genius it does a body good, right? Or not so much.

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