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UNDERAND OVER Gather your supplies 1.4 x 1.4m fabric; matching thread; general sewing supplies; rotary cutter, quilters ruler and mat (optional); large safety pin; fibrefill; long, thin wooden stick or knitting needle; fabric glue STEP 1 Wash and dry fabric. Cut into nine 11x114cm strips. To make a 1 2m-long strip: with right sides facing, sew the short ends of 2 strips together. Keep stitching the short ends of the strips to the end of this piece in the same way. STEP 2 With right sides facing, fold fabric in half lengthwise. With raw edges of long sides even, use a 1 cm seam allowance to stitch a 1 2m-long tube. Celebrity homes zac efron STEP 3 Attach safety pin to 1 end and feed through tube, turning it right side out. STEP 4 Using stick or knitting needle, patiently stuff the tube with fibrefill, pushing stuffing to middle of tube, then filling up from each side. STEP 5 Roll the stuffed tubing between your hands. Work out lumps and keep it evenly distributed. If stuffing becomes jammed, lay it on the ground and use your feet to apply more pressure. Under and over – how to make a fabric tube STEP 6 Clear an open space and tie tubing into a Celtic knot (see Ace of place instructions, page 195). Practise the knot with a piece of cord first to make this easier. STEP 7 Trim off extra tubing. Remove excess stuffing from cut end. Fold raw ends of fabric inward, hand-stitch shut. Using fabric glue, tuck tube ends into the folds of the knot. Tack in place, then hand-stitch, turning pillow over to work knot folds, concealing stitching.

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