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With this, the desire to touch’ and feel colour is just as important as the colour itself; therefore surfaces that are soft, rough, smooth, silky, furry, grainy or velvety can give colour extra appeal and impact. The palettes shown overleaf are some of those that will feature more prominently during the next year; Celebrity home pictures virtual tours n order to predict where mainstream trends are going, it is important to understand their natural progression and how long they are likely to last.Timing is crucial: it can be just as disastrous to be too early as too late.There is a myriad of forecasts on the market and it is often difficult to ascertain which are the right ones to adopt. There is also the added challenge of recognising which trends are suitable for different product areas, where the practical end use has to be taken into account. Trends can be likened to waves coming onto the shore: some take a long time to build and can be seen in the distance, swelling to huge proportions with a massive impactThey then recede, not to the point of elimination, but coming again in a slightly different shape and size. In between are a host of smaller.

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