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In retrospect, the owners admit that they probably should have completely rebuilt die cabin.

“Remodels are always challenging because you’re taking the original bones of a cabin that was built fifty or sixty years ago and merging it w'ith a new structure, says Matt Balmer, co-owner of Lands End Development in nearby Crosslake. The company designed the new floor plan and executed the remodel. Marrying up an old

The bathroom mirror in closed position.

The washer and dryer fit neatly in a closet.

The mirror opens to let air Into the bathroom.

Foundation with a newr foundation is hard enough as you ensure the framing is straight, but then you don’t want to lose the charm of the original cabin. It's a tricky process.

But the Wachters were afraid if they tore it down, they wouldn’t be allowed to build on the same footprint due to zoning issues.

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On this project, one of the parameters of the small lot and the local zoning was that the footprint could only be expanded minimally, ” explains Jeff Balmer, La nds End co-owner and lead designer. So we had to get creative with the space we had.

When faced with this constraint, Jeff decided that the best location for the master bath was on the road side of the cabin. Although this choice worked fine with the interior layout, it posed a dilemma. Without windows to balance the ones by the entry, a blank wall could detract from the appeal of the facade. And while Lynn welcomed the prospect of natural light, she wasn’t thrilled about the accompanying lack of privacy. Jeffs solution wras ingenious. First, he builr a bump-out with a twin-unit window for the vanity area, then fashioned a pair of interior mirrored shutters. Closing the shutters provides a mirror above the vanity; from the outside, only a reflection of the property’s pine trees is visible.

The owners’ Australian shepherd loves riding in the pontoon.

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