A bold approach Bali home design

Situated in the Kerobokan region, this two-storey abode belongs to the Greek Bournias family. Designed by Italian architect Giovanni D’Ambrosio, the unconventional project suits the hot and humid Indonesian climate, and is a good example of modern tropical architecture. The design of the house is characterized by bold minimalism and contemporary linearity, and this is immediately evident from the entrance of the house (see below left). Here, the sloping roof rests on a square framework, and a wooden louvered canopy provides shade.

At the entrance to the house, the angular wooden deck and the incline of the stairway that leads to the top floor create a striking impact.

In the interiors, there is a functional yet aesthetically pleasing ‘walk-through’ effect, which comes from the skilful moulding of the spaces, and the form of the roof. The latter is a sheet metal sloping structure that leaves the house open on all sides. About one metre thick, this roof has a two-fold purpose: the corrugated metal surface provides protection from the elements, while the space between the roof and its wooden under panelling keeps the house cool via cross ventilation.

The view from the garden at the back of the house. The bed of black pebbles, the heavy-set sculpture-like stone walls, and the louvered canopy of the roof come together to form an impression of installation art.

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