Best Vacation Home Designs

Best Vacation Home Designs

Sheet metal cladding

One of the most stylish trends of recent years is the use of metal on walls. The trend originated in cafes and restaurants but has since moved into the domestic interior. Metal provides a chic and durable finish, but it is usually costly and requires heavy maintenance to keep it looking up to scratch most finishes dull easily and show every fingerprint and scuff mark, so they need frequent buffing with a soft cloth to preserve the smart finish.

Polished metal sheets can provide a sophisticated look when combined with other, more traditional materials. This type of room design needs commitment, both stylistically and financially, as it is expensive to achieve and requires a considerable amount of time dedicated to keeping it looking good – every fingermark will show.

Depending on the effect you want to create, consider copper, zinc, aluminium or the even more expensive stainless steel. If you think that a whole metal wall will exceed your budget limitations, consider using it in a more limited capacity – in panels or below the dado rail.

Metal comes in sheets or tiles and should be screwed directly onto the plaster, or onto wooden panels. It is a specialized finish and an expensive material, so you may be well advised to seek professional help rather than embarking on the task yourself.

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