Best Small Living Room Designs

Best Small Living Room Designs

Dramatic paint effects

This house is expressive of its compulsive decorator-owner – walls, ceiling, windows, picture frames and floor have all been embellished with some kind of paint virtuosity. A tiny room like this is a good opportunity to experiment with dramatic finishes -these walls are combed in two directions on top of a contrasting colour (80 for combing) search for the appropriate door to fit the doorway that you have in mind. Not only do the vertical and horizontal measurements have to tally, but the new door should also open the same way and be of the same thickness as the old, otherwise the hinges will be bothersome. Don’t give up and settle for the hideous, coarse, panelled door that you saw in the local DIY shop – a good door can add more character than you would imagine.

One answer to the problem is to change the dimensions of the doorway to fit the perfect door. Alternatively, in nineteenth-century houses you can often exchange existing doors, replacing the more prominent ones that have been vandalized with similar, unmutilated ones from less obvious places elsewhere in the house.

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