Best Room Decor Ideas

Best Room Decor Ideas

Paint Effects

Until the invention of easily available wallpaper in the last century, paint was all there was with which to decorate walls. Partly as a result of this, any other form of decoration looks out of place in houses of a certain age – not necessarily unsuccessful, just inauthentic.

Paint effects still have the charm that has always characterized them. Once you have escaped from the dogma of matt magnolia, you will never want to return. Ragging and dragging, dry-brushing and sponging are all so easy, and the repertoire of different paints and glazes allows you to achieve such subtlety and depth of colour, such shading and intensity and transparency, that you will find flat colour very resistible.

Part of the appeal, as well as the horror of painting lies in the fact that you cannot possibly predict what the final effect will be. The room will change dramatically as you paint the last coat and it all ties together; sunshine will affect the colour quite differently from artificial light; painting the ceiling and finishing the floor will alter the impact of the walls, and so too will furniture and paintings. If you are by nature extremely cautious, you might feel happier experimenting on a sheet of hardboard before you commit yourself to tackling wall or ceiling. Or, like a dancer limbering up, it is a good idea to loosen up by beginning with what is euphemistically known as the smallest room. It will not really matter too much what it looks like, since no-one spends a huge amount of time there and it is not a major problem to overpaint a disaster. And the smaller the room the quicker you can finish it and witness the magic of completion. While you are still buoyed by euphoria, you can race off to transform the kitchen or bedroom.

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