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Cotton cord Primarily made for the fashion industry, cotton cord is supple and easy to knot and machine stitch. Find it in fabric stores and online. Sisal rope Strong and rustic in appearance, twisted sisal rope comes in various thicknesses. Based on this, its price per metre will vary considerably. Head to the hardware store to pick up pre-cut bundles or buy by the metre, or a rope supplier to buy in bulk. STEP 1 Wrap the cut ends of the rope with tape to prevent fraying. Best lighting Using the picture as a guide, make a pretzel shape with your rope, with the long tail on the right side and taking note of which sections of the rope are underneath and which are over the top. STEP 2 Bring the short end of the rope over the long end and under the first loop. Feed more rope from the long end into the knot if your short end is not long enough. STEP 3 Continue weaving short end over, under and over. STEP 4 Bring the long end around to the left and follow the path created by the short end, weaving over and under each section. STEP 5 Pull the long end through to create the fourth loop at the bottom. STEP 6 Continue weaving the long end, following the same path around the four sides. STEP 7 Tighten the loops as you go around, a total of 3 times. STEP 8 Hot-glue the ends at the back.

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