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Maverick Designs.

1117 Commonwealth Ave. Brighton; (617) 783-0274

The folks at Maverick Designs must never stop working. Their tiny shop in Packards Comer, near BU, is stuffed with bookcases, CD racks, dressers, desks, stools, futon frames, and much more. They make em right here; you can smell the sawdust Bookshelves come in all sizes, like a 2 x 6 unit in unfinished pine for $62. Get a 12 x 16 wood-frame mirror for $18, or a wall rack that holds 96 cassette tapes for $17. Curiously, these display racks actually contain used CDs, which you can buy for $2 or $3 each. Larger items include a six-foot tall, 30-inch deep armoire for $199, and a computer desk for $75. Everything is solid and well-made. If you buy something that isnt quite the right fit, you can trade it for a piece that is; and if you need something to fit exact dimensions, theyll custom design it for you.

Open seven days.

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