Best Halloween Decoration

Best Halloween Decoration

Where to Use Yellow

A little bit of yellow goes a long way toward brightening a room or hallway. I once used yellow to paint the inside of a closet. Every-time I opened the closet door it was a welcome surprise. A very pale shade of yellow looks good in a kitchen or nursery. If there’s any yellow color in your wallpaper, consider using yellow on the window, door, and wall trims. Look for other areas in your home to add a spot of yellow to. You’ll be amazed at how fresh and delightful the addition of this color can be.

Shades of Yellow

Faded yellow paint has character. Butterscotch yellow in a shade found on early creamware and crockery would make an interesting background if used to paint a wall holding open shelves in a kitchenfor example, arrange pure white chinaware and mixing bowls with those in shades of yellow or blue. Mix with a few pieces of blue and white spatterware or blue-banded bowls.

Yellow for Warmth

Even in an all-white room, touches of yellow will warm things up. Now and then I introduce very pale yellow into my bedroom. A yellow and white fabric for throw pillows, a yellow patterned cloth on a night table, a fabric-covered headboard, pale yellow sheets and pillowcases are a few ways to introduce yellow without the major commitment of painting or wallpapering.

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