Best Bathroom Design Ideas

Best Bathroom Design Ideas
Bright White
When a bathroom is all white it looks clean, and bright and, often, larger than it really is. You can then introduce style with a little bit of color in each accessory you add.
Bath Towels
Towels are the most important accessory in a bathroom. You can choose any color towels for an all-white bathroom. However, most purists start with snow-white towels. This is one luxury everyone can afford, and the effect is exactly that . . . pure luxury. If you’re choosing white towels, look for different textures and patterns in the all-white scheme. Large, fluffy white towels hanging on chrome or porcelain wall hooks will look great. If you have the space, hang a wooden strip of pegs along one wall for hanging towels and a terry-cloth robe. If the wood is stained dark walnut or cherry, it will ereate a nice contrast between the white wall and the towels. These peg racks are available in most home centers, and can be found painted or in unfinished pine. The pine racks are ready for staining. Minwax wood stains come in a variety of wood colors and are easy to apply.

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