Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas
Planning Pattern matching
The thought of matching patterns is perhaps one of the most daunting aspects of hanging your own wallpaper. However, so long as you purchase sufficient paper and take some time and trouble with matching it up at the cutting stage, this process is, in fact, relatively straightforward.
A plain paper, or one with a continuous or small, random pattern, such as vertical stripes or a tiny floral print, does not need matching. You can simply cut equal lengths straight from the roll; all you need to remember is to add 10cm (4in) to each length (to allow for 5cm [2in] overlaps at each end).
To match other, more complicated designs, lay the cut strip of paper design-side up on the pasting table, and then lay another strip beside it, matching the pattern as accurately as you can on the adjoining widths, and then ensure that you add the standard 5cm (2in) at each end to the measured matching drop to allow for the overhang a total of 10cm (4in).
Check, before you cut, that the two drops have the same number of pattern repeats, and that each has an overhang allowance. A
If you favour a highly co-ordinated look, many wallpapers now come with matching borders and fabrics. It is a good idea, however, to keep the rest of the decoration simple; here the painted floor, plain rugs and understated window treatment provide perfect foils for a ‘busy’ blue and white wallpaper. straight-match pattern has the same part of the design running symmetrically down each side of the paper. This kind of paper is not very difficult to hang. All you need to remember is, once again, to add enough allowance at each end to line up the pattern exactly; you do not need to match adjoining strips horizontally.
On a drop-match pattern the motifs are staggered, which means that you have to add extra in the cutting: the amount of stagger in the pattern or length of pattern repeat is usually indicated on the roll. You could try cutting alternate drops from different rolls, but this may prove more confusing than helpful.

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