Bedroom Flooring Ideas

Bedroom Flooring Ideas

Laying flagstones is the most difficult and disruptive flooring project it is possible to undertake, but will last for ever once it is finished. These polished limestone flags might seem like an unusual choice for a bedroom but in fact work well with the clean lines and warm tones of the fitted furniture.

Shop around to find out all the costs involved. Some materials span a wide price band. For example, carpet can be one of the cheapest or one of the most expensive floor-coverings depending upon quality and type. Some flooring materials are so expensive that it may be worth paying a professional that little bit extra to ensure that the end result justifies the overall cost. Other materials are cheap to buy but expensive to have laid, and, provided you feel sufficiently confident and have the spare time, these are well worth laying yourself. There is also the satisfaction to be derived from working through for oneself from the first glimmer of an idea to the actual creation of the finished scheme.

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Fitting might be included in the price, although ‘free fitting’ is rarely what it claims to be. See what the ancillary costs are, such as underlay and gripper strips or special tile adhesive needed for a problem floor. The savings made by installing the floor yourself may enable you to buy a more expensive material. Check also to see if costly tools are needed to do the job and whether these can be hired ( 154155). Read the relevant sections in this chapter to decide whether you feel sufficiently confident to install the flooring yourself.

Having established which is the most suitable floor-covering, check on availability and delivery times. Most products can be delivered in a week but sometimes a special order is required and delivery can take something like six weeks. Now is the time to obtain the fixing materials and any special tools needed for the job. Either buy them or post the hire of an expensive tool.

A few days before the due delivery date remove the old floor-covering and repair or prepare the existing subfloor. Concrete, chipboard or floorboards may need some attention, dips and bumps to be levelled or cracks to be filled, before new flooring can safely be laid on them ( 152-153).

It may be necessary to acclimatize the new material to its new environment for a day or two before laying it in order to ensure a successful job ( 144145, 152-153). Before tiling a floor you will need to mark out guidelines against d which to work. Although the principles are the same for any type of tile, the starting points are adjusted according to whether the room is square, rectangular or irregular ( 156-157).

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