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Curtain call 1. Not as tricky as it looks! A double infinity knot makes a striking accent to curtains. Using 10mm tie-back or cotton piping cord, follow instructions for How to tie a double infinity knot (page 194). Join the ends at the back to keep the look formal. Ace of place Bedroom design ideas 2. Go Celtic on your table by turning this classic knot into a textured trivet. Before unrolling the rope, try practising with string, using tape or pins to keep the loops in place as you work. Once you have it down pat, youll be using it for all sorts of projects. Rope can be used for a lot more than tying up a boat! Whatever your decor, it can add texture and tone (either rough and natural or smooth and colourful). Master a few basic knots to create intriguing details on tablemats, tie-backs, cushions and key rings. Want to keep it simple? Coil to make fun bowls and pretty planters. Add another string to your bow! All you need to make these beauties is rope or cord and a creative twist Under and over 3. Part brainteaser, part simple sewing project, this squishy cushion will have you in knots (in a good way)! First, create your padded rope by sewing a long tube of fabric, using a knitting needle to stuff it. Weave it under and over itself to create the Celtic knot cushion. Catch me if you can 4. Cover a tennis ball in a clever monkeys fist (see How to tie a monkeys fist knot, page 194) to make a rugged tug toy with 10mm rope. Quick and easy once you have the hang of it, practise with soft cord first, as rope can be rough on hands. Heres another idea: wrap a lawn bowl (find them in op shops) to make a maritime-inspired doorstop. To infinity and beyond 5. How epic does this look? Take six lengths of cord and wrap a plain cushion with a double infinity knot (see instructions, page 194), tying the ends in a bow at the back as neatly as you can. Try this knot for impressive gift-wrapping, too!

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