Bathroom Designs From North London

Bathroom Designs From North London

Cleaning up paint spills and splashes

Paint on glass is quite easy to remove. Let it dry and then scrape it off. Dry paint on the floor is more difficult. On wood, scrape it off carefully as for glass, taking care not to scratch the surface. It may be necessary to sand a paint blob very carefully, trying not to damage the surrounding wood and, if necessary, touching up the floor with scratch cover or other wood treatment.

Paint on a carpet is extremely difficult to remove. If the paint is only lightly on the surface of a carpet with a pile, it may be possible to snip away the top of fibres when the paint is dry. If it has soaked into the carpet, you can try removing it with a strong dry-cleaning fluid, but this may spread the colour. If the stain cannot be removed, it will be necessary to cut out and replace a small square of carpet.

If you get paint on a recently painted wood surface, lightly sand the surface and touch up with the appropriate colour. In certain situations, if a blob of oil paint has splashed onto a water-based paint for example, it may be necessary to prime the patch before repainting.

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