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Bathroom Designs Elderly

Measuring up and estimating quantities

Measuring up a window and estimating how much fabric is required for the curtains need to be done accurately. To work out how much fabric you need, the formula is to multiply the number of fabric widths required by the working length of the curtains, plus any allowance for a pattern repeat. For how to determine these lengths, see below.

Having established the style of your curtains, it is easiest to take the measurements for your fabric once you have installed the pole and rings or track and runners ( 234-235) from which they will hang. Tracks and poles must be fixed with enough room either side of the window to accommodate the curtains when pulled back (heavy fabrics will need more than light fabrics), and should be fixed at least 5cm (2in) above the window.

If you want to purchase your fixings and fabric at the same time, you must estimate the positioning of your track or pole and the depth of any rings as accurately as you can.

Since you will not know the width of your fabric, or the size of any pattern repeat, until you have chosen it, you will have to do most of your calculations in the shop. Take your measurements and a calculator.

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