Bathroom Decorating Ideas 2017

Bathroom Decorating Ideas 2017
Black and White
Introducing black into an all-white bathroom can result in a simple, contemporary look. A black-and-white color scheme can be achieved with a tiled floor. Four-inch square white tiles might be divided with two-inch square black tiles. Paint ceiling and floor molding glossy black for high contrast. Mix black and white towels on gleaming chrome towel bars for a contemporary look. Replace old cabinet knobs with shiny black ones. An inexpensive way to do this is by painting wooden knobs with a high gloss enamel. Add a checkerboard border around the room with small black and white tiles. Use them to create a splashboard above the sink, around the tub area, or as a frame around the windows.
A Little Luxury on the Floor
A slate floor adds luxury to the bathroom and is quite practical. The most typical colors are charcoal, green, and burgundy. Slate is sold like ceramic tiles and is precut to a standard Winch thickness. It is installed much like ceramic tile. This material is not impervious to stains, so it’s a good idea to apply a sealer. The look of a slate floor in an all-white bathroom is one of high style for low cost, considering the small space in which it will be installed.

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