Bali Style Home Interior Design

The guest living room is characterized by white walls and floors, and natural tones and materials. The rattan sofa, furnished with soft silk cushions, is complemented by a low table made out of a light sheet of teak; old chairs, ancient statues, a Bornean mat, and a contemporary painting bond to make up the rest of this ‘living' art gallery. A wide, open entrance to the garden contributes to the sense of freedom and space.

The entrance courtyard has a Zen-like sobriety, with pale mottled paras walls counteracting the regular black volcanic stone floor. BALI STYLE HOME INTERIOR DESIGN

The door, which is made of two weathered panels of teak, has an unexpected touch of modernity in the form of an unusual handle, made out of a piece of melted aluminium.

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The spacious and luminous main living room, with its white walls and flooring, stages a breathtaking fusion of ancient and modern art. In the middle of the room is a low table-actually a large panel of black kafini forest wood resting on four carved antique pedestals. Arranged around it are a Dutch colonial daybed (in the foreground), a couch carved from one single block of teak, and an antique Javanese bench (partially shown). Next to the ancient teak doors, a small table with streamlined tubular stainless steel legs supports an ancient stone sculpture, while a contemporary mixed media painting graces the back wall.

The entrance from the garden courtyard leads to this inner hallway, an ‘exhibit space' where ethnic fuses with modern-chic, simplicity with richness, against a backdrop of candid white walls and a terracotta floor. The painting on the back wall is flanked by an ancient Bornean statue of welcome and a large white stone, once a rudimentary grindstone. Facing each other across a low wood table are two primitive rustic chairs. An antique door panel from Timor with a fertility symbol carved on it is on the left.










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