Bali Inspired Home Designs

Situated between the living quarters and the bedrooms, this west-facing sitting area is furnished with a daybed set on dark wooden blocks- perfect for reclining on.

Shapes, colours and materials in a Canton green palette dominate this bedroom where traditional and modern elements are combined. BALI INSPIRED HOME DESIGNS The curve of the free-standing wall in the corner contrasts with the linear purity of the black wooden base of the square bed. This wall not only screens a private dressing room but also gives access to the bathroom behind (see opposite). Arranged on the terrazzo ledge of the fixed headboard are old Javanese bedpost pieces, Kalimantan weaving, and candle holders, while a set of Indian travel boxes at the side add a feeling of timelessness and repose to the room.

The perfect oval of the terrazzo green bathtub is backed by a vibrant Canton green wall, while the natural tone of the Jogyakarta stone side walls, the ivory stone slabs and white river stone floor set the mood for open air bathing.

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A brown Chinese vase with a tropical plant adds interest.

Despite the simple furnishings, a modish touch is found in this bedroom. The royal blue fabric of the bed covering, alongside the vibrant red of the cushions and runner, is offset by natural tones of the sandstone wall. Ethnic wall hangings and Irian Jaya artefacts complete the picture.

In this open patio bathroom, the warm Tuscan terracotta painted wall, rectangular shower fitting, and oval terrazzo tub on pebbles and sandstone slabs make a very pleasing picture. Two rattan woven baskets complete this well balanced composition of geometrical shapes.

The pure round shape of the basin interacts with the angular forms of the sculpture-like wash table. Green terrazzo and black details pleasantly contrast with the ivory hues of the back wall.




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