A quiet haven

Located along the Wos River valley five kilometres (three miles) north of Ubud, this villa was designed by Dutch architect Joost van Grieken as a place for quiet relaxation and for entertaining friends. This restful effect is made possible through careful synthesis of the characteristics of the exterior with the interior design. The former shows solidity and strength, and is in harmony with the surroundings, while the latter presents simple functional forms, sensual colours and a selection of traditional handicrafts.

By using a limited selection of materials Joost enhances the simplicity and purity of the house. Lombok grasses form the thatch for the roof, but bengkerai wood is used in the roof framework, as well as for all door and window fittings, and the octagonal load-bearing columns; the latter are supported by bases of resilient Javanese white stone. In addition, custom made ivory and polished cement tiles make elegant statements in all pavilions, while the walls are either finished in cream-coloured Javanese sandstone or plastered and painted in Canton green or Tuscan terracotta.

At the entrance of the house, this modern interpretation of the traditional aling aling greets the visitor.

There are several good places in the compound for resting, talking and savouring nature. BALI HOUSE DESIGN IN MALAYSIA The spacious, clean-lined dining area is perfect for chatting. The lounge directly across from here offers the best views over the garden and valley. A long corridor (see opposite) linking the service areas to the sleeping quarters also leads one to the west-facing sitting area, where the beauty of the sunset or moonrise can be enjoyed over a leisurely drink.

Clean lines and pure geometry characterize this outdoor staircase, which leads to the roof of the house. Two Garuda statues safeguard the passage of those who venture upstairs for a view of the valley.

Under a traditional thatched roof in the dining area, a table in the form of a block of solid teak is supported by two symmetrically placed rectangular columns of wonosobo ivory stone. The free-standing sandstone wall conceals the long corridor that links this room to the back gallery and private areas.






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