Baby Furniture For Small Apartments

Baby Furniture For Small Apartments

North Light

Perhaps you’ve heard that artists prefer studios with a north light. This is because light entering through the north is the clearest, and it provides even and consistent light. Often considered “cold light,” it has a cool, bluish cast and in northern climates builders limit the number of windows on the northern side because it is the coldest exposure. For energy conservation these windows are often treated with insulated shades. Hunter Douglas’s Duette honeycomb shades are good for this because they trap the air in the honeycomb cells. Lined draperies and cornices are also good here.

Eastern Light

Eastern or morning light is warmer and brighter, but also clear because impurities from the previous day have had a chance to settle during the night. Eastern light is also the most balanced, or full-spectrum, light. However, its brightness and clarity may render it warm, especially in the morning. East-facing rooms tend to heat up quickly and may hold the heat during the day. These windows are often treated with materials that diffuse the light, especially in summer. A good covering might be a light-control blind or pleated shade. To block out early light in bedrooms, take advantage of the room-darkening options available in pleated shades.

Windows Facing West

Light from west-facing windows is the warmest in color and the hottest physically since the atmosphere heats up during the day. It is also often hazy, as the impurities of the day linger until nightfall. Because prolonged exposure to this strong light can be damaging to wood furniture and colored fabrics, especially in summer, windows should generally be covered with a combination of light-diffusing, UV-ray-protecting treatments. Horizontal louvers or wood blinds and shutters work well here since the light can be admitted but diffused onto the ceiling or floor. Hunter Douglas has a new SoftSuede matte-textured finish blind that adds a soft, glare-free look at the window. Vertical blinds offer superior light control for window walls and large window expanses. I think they look a little too institutional, but that’s just a personal thing.

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